Our Approach to Sustainability at Greater Innovations

Sustainability is one of those words that often makes its way into corporate mission and vision statements, or investor relations reports, but is a bit nebulous or ambiguous in many aspects, and thus hard to effectively measure. Is it about the products or services you purchase or provide? Is it about reducing energy consumption? Or recycling plans? Does it revolve around how we care for the environment and spaces or people around us so that they are healthier?

Research would suggest would suggest it can include all of these things, while the dictionary defines sustainability a bit more succinctly and specifically. Ultimately though, at Greater Innovations, we approach sustainability from the concept of "sustainable development."

What the heck is sustainable development? Well, it is a decades old concept coined  by a document called the Brundtland Report, and since that time, the United Nations has made it a top goal to continue to focus on improving the economic situation of people and countries around the world while being mindful that this is the only collective home available to the billions of us who live here... at least until some person or collaboration of bright minds finds a suitable alternative somewhere in our galaxy (still waiting on that one!)... but given our own mission and purpose, we certainly hope that we continue to maintain and improve the quality of the one we have!

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 critical topics, with sub-topics and metrics for achieving the stated goals, which span areas such as water quality, health, energy, infrastructure, education and economic development. At Greater Innovations, we strive not only to contribute to the important efforts set forth by the SDGs, but to help other people and companies do the same through both our products and our services. They may be lofty goals, but it is our belief that they are worth the challenge to continually find new and innovative ways to contribute to a greater world.

Will you join us?