Love to cook? How to include DIY Mushrooms in your repertoire

A lot of people love cooking at home, but one often forgotten ingredient is mushrooms! These healthy, nutritious fungi don't get the attention they deserve, save for a pizza here and there or "stuffed" entrees. If you do cook with mushrooms, perhaps you buy them at the store, or maybe even your local farmers market, but in terms of DIY gardening, fewer people grow their own mushrooms. Why is this? Maybe it's the availability of at home mushroom growing options? Or the time it takes to wait for them to grow? Regardless of the obstacles, there are options out there that exist and some great information on how to get started growing your own mushrooms at home all year round! Check out Better Homes and Gardens suggestions to get started. And the DIY Network has some good tips as well.

If you're a home brewer or coffee aficionado, one of the really cool things about mushrooms is that you can use spent grain or coffee grounds as a substrate (growth medium) or supplement to improve flavor and other characteristics! Talk about sustainability! What better way to combine hobbies into a micro-circular economy than reusing waste for another beneficial product! Then reuse your spent mushroom substrate in your garden!

So switch up your culinary and gardening repertoire this Spring and give your favorite fungi a try!


Elizabeth Thompson